User interactive and networked PATRIOT air defense simulation


PACTOS Display

PACTOS provides the following functions: simulation of one ICC and up to six ECS.

  • realistic, graphical user-interface for two Manstations
  • simulation of Radar Set, Launching Stations and missiles
  • PDB Version 6 operational software
  • IEEE 1278, DIS and TADIL-J/LINK 16 interface
  • consoles with original PATRIOT type switches / indicators (optional)


PACTOS is a sophisticated simulation of the PATRIOT weapons system for

  • crew drill training
  • operational practice and
  • distributed and netted exercises


PACTOS is used in these environments or exercises:

  • German Air Force SAAPES
  • German Air Force SimCenter
  • Virtual Elite
  • JPOW from 2008 ongoing


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